About Us

About Us

Within 48 hours you can completely transform your life. It doesn’t sound like long does it? But the truth is, in just two days you can break free of the repetitive patterns that are hindering you from achieving your highest potential; you can learn the principles that govern your existence; and you can begin to live the life you would most love to live.

MJB Seminars was established in 2001 by Director Mitch Behan, and since that time the company has grown exponentially by assisting thousands of people through a life changing transformation.

The catalogue of services available at MJB Seminars is delivered in a way that is simplistic yet profound and appeals to all members of the community, from individuals, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, employees and educators.

The methodology of the seminars is science-based and focused on the principle that life has an order to it; there is a governed series of principles and laws that are specifically designed to assist every person to achieve their hearts desire and mission.

Your support team at MJB Seminars is dedicated to assisting you in whatever way they can to ensure you reach your highest potential. Their passion and commitment is heart-felt and genuine and comes from personal experience; they know what it is to feel despair, helplessness, fear and loneliness.

Whether you have attended any personal development workshops before or not, what you experience with MJB Seminars is ground breaking and like nothing before. The transformation you will experience will see your life go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Clients of MJB Seminars have changed their mindset, become leaders, inspired others and enriched their lives. Testimonials from grateful clients including some of Australia’s leading corporate figures are included on our “Testimonial” page.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our work is based on the fundamental universal laws and principles that govern humanity and is derived from the study of quantum mechanics and quantum physics.

We have found through our work that education is the key. Through educating people in the ways of these laws and principles and their effect on how humanity is governed, it has assisted them in enriching their understanding of themselves and therefore transforming their reality and lives as a whole.

Our Vision

Our mission is to utilise the knowledge and wisdom we have accumulated through our experiences to assist people in opening their hearts and to integrate mind, body and spirit in order for them to reach their highest potential.

We are committed to creating a global vehicle to facilitate access to the information that has helped govern humanity and to teach a simple model of how to equilibrate unbalanced emotional perceptions and how to utilise this to shape all aspects of their lives.

We dedicate ourselves to studying universal laws and principles as they apply to humanity and govern our evolution in order to establish and provide the most unique and transformational tools to reconnect human beings to their inner source of power and wisdom.

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