Our Staff

Our Staff

Training, Senior Facilitators and Seminar Team

  • Mitchell J Behan


    Company Director, Owner of MJB Seminars, Head Facilitator, Teacher, and lover of online shoe shopping

    Mitch has over 18 years experience in the Personal Development industry and has spoken alongside some of the greatest minds in the field, including Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr John Demartini, Dave Logan, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman and Paul Bailey to name a few.

    Since founding MJB Seminars he has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide with the vision to research, explore, guide and inspire people using the process and techniques he has developed throughout his life.

    Mitch is a true testimony to the work and what is possible for people when they get to see how loved they are even in the darkest of places. Apart from being a leader in the field of Human Development, Mitch is a family man with a gorgeous family including his wife Angela and three beautiful children.

    Mitch has committed his life to doing what ever it takes to show people how amazing they are and what they are capable of achieving once they shift their mindset.

  • Emilia Tomeo


    Creative Content Director, Head facilitator, and has the Midas touch with children

    I come from an education background with over 10 years experience inspiring and educating children. It is my educational background that I use to share the work of MJB Seminars in a way that is not only informative but also transformative and inspirational.

    I have a passion for educating and making something that a person might perceive complicated, simple, so that each and everyone connects to the realization about the power and magnificence that each and everyone one of us has inside of ourselves and how we can use this to shape and influence our lives.

    I am humbled and honored to be able assist people to experience the balance, love and gratitude that continues to have such an influence in my own life.


  • Angela Carroll-Behan


    Company Director and owner, Executive Management of Mitch and the family and lover of shopping

    Angela is integral to the smooth running of MJB Seminars, although often unseen her coaching, and support is never unnoticed by the staff and clients.

    It was as a result of her experiences through this work, that Angela became passionate about making it accessible to the masses. Angela keeps the integrity of the principles that we teach within the company. Angela is dedicated to taking a stand for people and her goal is to ensure that anybody can do this process and utilise it in their everyday lives. She commits herself to creating and putting systems in place to make this possible.

  • Fiona Chin


    General Manager and all round legend, Self confessed workaholic and lover of all things horsey

    My mission is to shift the consciousness of the world! No small fete let me tell you, and it wasn’t until I did the seminars of MJB that I realised I had found the vehicle to accomplish my mission.

    MJB and the equilibration process have changed my life and I want to share that with the world! I have realised over time that my strengths are in supporting the people and the systems that helps get that message out to the world. I love improving the time people spend on this Earth so customer service and creating a company culture is what I love to do most.

    My Background: I am a fully qualified naturopath, kinesiologist, business coach, author, and speaker. I have lived all over the world and all around Australia. My job roles apart from being a Naturopath have included lecturing in nutrition, running the college of energetic medicine in Melbourne, owning and running one of Australia’s most successful natural therapy clinics, running a public speaking company, owning an online website that sells online health programs and more.

    I actually love businesses and making them run smoothly and efficiently all the while delivering amazing customer service and having fun while I do it. I Initially joined the MJB Team to systemise the back end of the business and provide some business coaching. This role has now transformed into one of general management, overseeing the team, continual improvement of customer service and the implementation of new seminar programs and business systems.

    I am a self confessed workaholic, but I figure if you are going to spend the bulk of your waking hours working it should be doing something you love. Over seeing the back end of the business and supporting amazing staff in the most amazing personal development company I know seems like a pretty good way to spend my time.

    When I am not busy working you will find me riding my horses, walking my dog Ruby along the beach or eating healthy yummy food with my gorgeous husband.


  • Mary Vigaletti


    Accounts, Customer Service Support, Equilibration Facilitator and lover of Ricky Martin

    Mary comes from an Italian background very much centered around family and community life, as is the Italian way. From her first experience with MJB Seminars, she started on a journey that has given her a strong passion to learn more and assist others to experience the transformation that attending an MJB seminar will give them. She is a reliable, friendly, open team member who is very interested in the human journey through this life and brings passion and commitment to providing customer service to all MJB clients. If Mary isn’t in the offices there is a good chance she is spending quality time with her friends and family.

  • Ramila

    Payments Officer & Big Boss to a family of four.

    Extensive background in Accounting and Auditing,ranging from some of the biggest international companies to a typical household for a family of four.

    Coming from an upbringing that is culturally focused on self-discipline, living within your means, community spirit and clear boundaries on relationships, I am very excited and proud to be able to bring those characteristics to the clients of MJB Seminars and to help everyday people see the benefits of having a strong mindset.

    My Background:

    I moved to Perth, from London and kick started my accounting career with one of the big four companies in Accounting and Auditing. I had all the training and support I needed to excel in my job and loved every moment of it. After, having my first son, and starting my roller coaster of a journey, having to deal with relationships and emotions, that nobody had given me training for, I decided to take a step back and enjoy and explore this new roller coaster for all its highs and lows with my family.

    My mission in life is to give back to humanity, an everlasting generation of good human beings, by embedding into my sons’ good ethics that they can carry forward and amplify into society.

Marketing Team

  • Duncan Capicchiano


    Masterful Digital Marketing Manager & Dance floor groover

    Specialising in Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

    My mission is to get the MJB message out to as many people in world so they too can experience the equilibration process that changed my life for the better.

    My Background: Surprisingly after practicing as a Naturopath for many years and owning one of the top natural therapies clinics in Melbourne, I became restless and decided to try my hand at online marketing. After writing numerous eBooks on health and successfully marketing them myself, I quickly learnt I had a talent and love for online marketing. I loved the process of online marketing, the creativity, and being able to reach thousands of people with a click of a button. This passion lead me to create my own online marketing company and eventually take on MJB Seminars as a client… and the rest as they say is history.

Customer Liaison and Sales Team

  • Tarryn


    Customer Liaison Manager, Human Potential Coach and lover of sun, surf & dogs

    My life mission is to help every person on the planet realise that their full potential is limitless. It’s a massive mission, but something I am so inspired to achieve. It was through the seminars I completed with MJB that I fully appreciated my own potential and how the Equilibration Process has transformed my life.

    MJB Seminars and the Equilibration Process has allowed me to break free of my self limiting beliefs and fears, which for so much of my life had me caught up in constant overwhelming anxiety. I now feel so calm, focused and inspired to fulfil my mission in life. I absolutely love helping others and providing them with the support, encouragement, tools and strategies to achieve their own goals, dreams and aspirations.

    My Background: I am a fully qualified Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Business Coach and Project Manager. My job roles, apart from being a Business Coach and Mentor to Practitioners, also included running my own natural therapies business, owning an online website which provided personal and professional development programs. I’ve also spent 15 years working in some of the worlds largest Investment Banks, as a Risk and Project Manager, so a really varied work and life experience!

    Ever since I completed the ‘Relationships & You’ Seminar with MJB, I have had a desire to work with this company and I’m so grateful to now be part of this team helping to take the education and inspiration they provide to the world. I have a fascination with learning as much as I can about the power of the mind and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in a company that allows me to keep expanding my own knowledge, whilst helping others to do the same.

    I am a person who loves to be busy and achieving in my life every day. This means, I’m always looking for ways to be more productive in my work. In order that I can achieve more of my own personal goals and to help as many people as physically possible reach theirs.

    When I am not busy working at MJB, you will find me at the beach with my husband and our beautiful dog Ash, spending time walking, having swimming races together and Stand-up Paddle Boarding. I also love going to live music events and dancing the night away to some good tunes and seeing live bands.

  • Querida Huchinson

    Querida Huchinson

    Querida is a level 2 Equilibration Facilitator, Yoga and Meditation teacher, loves going beyond the superficial, cooking and climbing trees

    My mission is to help people connect authentically to themselves so they can live a more fulfilling life engaged with the world around them. When I first experienced the Equilibration Process I knew I’d found the next step in my journey to doing that.

    My background: I studied Conservation Biology and spent 5 years connecting people with the environment in communication and community engagement roles with national parks around Australia. Somewhere in this time I experienced mindfulness and yoga and became completely hooked. I experienced first-hand how connecting to yourself is the gateway to greater connection to everything around you.

    I undertook yoga teacher training as a means to deepen my own practice and knowledge, but my biggest lesson was the joy that comes from sharing your passion with others. Since then I have completed further training in yoga and energy medicine, facilitated workshops and retreats and continued soaking up knowledge in the world of holistic wellness and personal development.

    I am completely fascinated by people and the mechanisms that drive us, and how we can use our incredible potential far more consciously and constructively to live a more joyful and connected life.

  • Kelly


    Lover of sunshine & marine fish

    I am MJB’s administration & customer liaison extraordinaire. I enjoy being part of the offices day to day running with my aim is to have everything running as smoothly and efficiently as possible for everyone.

    A bit of back ground; Originally I am from Southern Africa, but have also spent some time living in the UK. I have followed the sunshine here and looking for a place to call my own. I enjoy keeping marine fish and find them very relaxing to watch after a long day. I am always looking for my next challenge.

Logistics Team

  • Emily


    Logistics Assistant – Melbourne, & Equine Enthusiast

    Ever since I was little my mission has been to help people. I was that kid in primary school who brought an extra pair of undies to swimming days just in case someone forgot! Now, with MJB I get to help introduce people to tools and information that I know from first hand experience can be life changing. I’m really excited to be involved in offering other people the same opportunity.

    My background:
    I’ve been nursing and working as an associate unit manager for the past ten years which I love and has taught me to do whatever it takes to improve my patients hospital experience and the importance of team work and supporting my colleagues. I’m also nearing the end of my study to be a naturopath, which I started after becoming interested in the body-mind connection and the power the mind has to heal the body.

    My role is to ensure that the seminars in Melbourne run smoothly and everyone has the best possible experience. When I’m not working or studying you’ll probably find me hanging out with my horse Oscar.

Equilibration Facilitators

  • Renee Brown

    Renee Morrell-Brown

    Level 3 Equilibrator

    My name is Renee Morrell-Brown. I am a Master Equilibrator with MJB Seminars, a mother, business owner and I work as a Project Manager

    8 years ago I began my journey of self discovery and personal development with MJB Seminars. I had just turned 34, had an amazing husband, a wonderful family, great friends, good job, nice house, lots of holidays and I was loved….really loved. Yet I felt empty. At times I felt desperate, desperate to end the sadness and desperate to fill the emptiness. Then there was the guilt…how could I be so blessed and yet feel so sad? What was wrong with me?

    I wanted a family of my own. All my life I had pictured myself as a mother with 2 children and a happy, contented life. After 3 years of trying for a baby my dreams slowly seemed to be slipping away. I was afraid. Afraid of not living the life I had pictured, afraid of being judged, a failure and never feeling complete.

    And then my sister saved my life. She introduced me to MJB Seminars and Relationships and You. My perception of what I thought my life was supposed to look like was, in reality, a lopsided fantasy. In that seminar I realised that with or without children my life would be complete and fulfilling, it would just look different. I got to see love and for the first time I actually felt how loved I actually was. My heart was opened. I realised I could let go of the fantasy and the desperation. Finally I felt clear, I knew I was here for a reason.

    It was this weekend that fundamentally changed my life. I was free, I could be myself, there was no longer the need for the façade…but most importantly I was grateful, grateful for everything I was and for who I was yet to be. I realised I wasn’t broken and that I didn’t need to fix anyone else. I saw order and purpose in every life event and finally I felt like the dark chasm of emptiness was filled.

    Two months later my husband did the seminar. That weekend my dream was fulfilled. Mitch said to him ‘you can let your wife get pregnant now’ and so began the next wonderful (and challenging) chapter of motherhood. I now have 2 beautiful children, 7 and 4, but if I hadn’t have opened my heart 8 years ago and had the amazing journey I have had, I would never be the mother I am today.

    The journey has not been easy, the more I learn about myself the more I realise I have so much work to do. Every challenge and every blessing is an opportunity to grow, to learn something new and to keep you on purpose.

    I realised that weekend, 8 years ago, that my purpose was to transform lives and make a difference. My mission is to help my clients step out of the darkness and into the light. To open hearts and for people to feel the love that they deserve to feel. There is nothing that makes my heart beat more than the work I am so blessed to be able to do with MJB.

CRM Management

  • Rogelio Pascual III


    Web Developer / Graphic Artist / VA

    I am a Web Developer on my resume, Web Designer in my mind, but an Artist in my heart.

    I remember the day when I was a member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines at school, and the leader taught us three things: First, to be humble; Second, to serve the country by giving your 100%; and Third, to give inspiration to people around us and give them support in whatever means. Working with MJB is truly inspiring, reading and learning the content on their websites tell me who the company really is, they’re giving their 100% on helping people and give them a life-changing opportunity – it reminds me of the organization I loved at school.

    My background: I started working as a Junior Web Developer way back 2008 in a small company, it was this company that triggered my love of this field. In 2010, I worked for an international company based in the US as a web designer/graphic artist. I enjoyed my work and this is where I honed my graphic designing skills. We had a team back then, and I’m thankful that today I know that I’m also a part of the MJB Team.

    My role in MJB is to design and develop aesthetically pleasing websites for events and seminars. Create and Illustrate Logos, Vector Icons, and Event Banners. I also update the websites for changes. When I’m not working, you can find me sitting in a corner and playing Monster Hunter on my 3DS OR playing my guitar. If you can’t still find me, then probably I’m out for a drive.

  • Ruby


    Cuddles and scratchies coordinator and professional human trainer

    My life mission is to be with my pack and provide them with love, support and humor when they need it. My pack seem to congregate in this once place most of the week so I come along and oversee to their happiness and general wellbeing.

    I have trained the humans to regularly pat me, worship me at the end of team meetings (this actually happens), drag my bed around the office to align with the best patch of sunshine, and share their lunch with me.

    When I’m not being worshiped as the doggie goddess that I am, you will find me splashing in the ocean, rolling in my favorite grass patch at the park or enjoying cuddles in bed.

    My goal is simple… to spread and receive love, and I think I do a pretty good job of it.

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