Be Yourself – A True Leader

Be Yourself – A True Leader


I want to tell you a cool story about a time when I was, what you might perceive to be, really insulted.

I was standing in a night club about 11 years ago; it was a time where life had just spat me out of a pretty traumatic event. I felt as if I was up against some sort of non tangible clock, I felt like I had and was wasting time.

Anyway, I’m at the bar and this guy walks up to me and says, “look at you, who do you think you are? I earn $3000 a week, your pathetic, who do you think you are, you’re a nobody?”

I remember being so shocked, (maybe it was the white skivvies I was wearing) I mean I had never met this guy before and here he was just slam dunking me.

Now listen, I wise enough to know that this was no mistake. In my earlier years I probably would have sent him looking for his lip over the other side of the club.

I left all of the people I had arrived with and set off home on foot which was about a 10k walk. On the way home I asked myself one question, “Where was he right?”

And I had a huge realization and it was this… I was a nobody because I was trying to be something for everybody else. In my career, socially, financially, mentally…

And guess what?… When you’re trying to be something for everybody else your being nobody for yourself!

Look, people who are inspiring are not trying to be somebody; they are being the best with the somebody they already are.

They innately know to make the most out of what they have already got! And guess what, whatever they are not good at, they delegate to the best!


It’s simple, when you try to be a somebody for someone else, you lose yourself and create two people and none of them are you, got it! So… what was the guy at the bar telling me?

Be yourself, stop trying to be something for everybody else. Be a true leader who inspires others by making the most out of what I already have. In every moment.

A true leader is not trying to be a follower. Makes sense, right?!

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That event in that club that night was a huge turning point. I realized I didn’t owe anybody, yet I owed it to myself to be the best I could be. I admitted to myself there were things in my life I wasn’t good at and from that point on I delegated those tasks.

So here’s a task…

Write down the things you are good at (and be specific), document them on your computer, create a file and add to it every time you have a realization about something that you are good at.

Next to it, document the things you are not good at and who in your life you can delegate them to.

Speak soon


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