In line with the principles we teach, MJB seminars supports a number of not for profit organisations. Some of the Directors and Board members of these organisations, with whom we have a close contact, are MJB students. They are, without exception, ordinary people doing extraordinary things – from supporting orphans in Cambodia to building schools for wayward teenagers in urban Australia.

When you support the work they are doing, you can be assured that you are paying to educate, not to rescue. Rather than feeding someone a fish, teach them how to fish!

Education is the key to making a difference and each of these organisations is committed to transformation through education. This is in line with MJB’s commitment to education as the most powerful way of enriching understanding of the self and transforming individual realities and life as a whole.

The people associated with these organizations, whom we are delighted to introduce to you, are people of huge heart and equally huge vision and energy.

For all these reasons, we urge you to consider donating to these foundations. Remember, any time you make a donation it is advisable to do so anonymously. In this way, your donation is received as if it dropped from heaven and therefore what comes back to you comes in the same manner.

Cambodian Children’s Fund

My name is Justin Dowel and I am the Managing Director of Natures Organics P/L, we are the makers of Earth Choice and Organic Care products.

As I was growing up I had a suspicion that I was going to do some great things. Over the past few years my calling was getting louder and louder as our business was growing stronger and stronger. Finally I listened hard enough and actually heard what my greater calling was, and then it was up to me whether I listened and then followed. Luckily I did… and the timing for it was critical.

My inspiration for living my life’s purpose came when I read an article about Scott Neeson, a truly great man who left his life as CEO of 20th Century Fox to start a number of orphanages in Cambodia.

I met Scott in Phnom Penh and was immediately transformed forever by what I saw. I was compelled by a love like no other, for children I had never met or seen before, to dedicate my life to housing, feeding and educating them.

On my return to Australia, together with my parents and other founding members of our company, we assumed responsibility for funding one of the six Cambodian orphanages and for finding other people and other ways to raise funds for the remaining five.

From this beginning, we now support not only the Cambodian Orphanages but also the Reaching the Unreached Foundation in Southern India (which feeds and educates 600 children and builds free houses for the poorest of the poor) and St Judes School in Tanzania (which was founded by an Australian woman, Gemma Sissia, and now educates 1300 children and houses 900 of them).

I am grateful to these organizations for giving me, and our family business the opportunity to fulfill a greater purpose. It is because we are honouring our purpose, that we are being given every bit of work we can possibly handle to support it. Our business is thriving because we believe in what we do and we know that it is for the greater good of mankind. My vision is to build a business big enough to fund programs in every third world nation on the planet.

Discovering the potential I have to make such significant changes to people’s lives has been an ‘awakening’ to say the least. It has truly been the most rewarding and humbling experience of my own life.

If you would love to support these remarkable foundations, we would be privileged and blessed to receive your donations.

Account Name: CCFA Gift Fund

BSB: 012 172

Account Number: 181 487 283


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