How To Manifest the Perfect Man

How To Manifest the Perfect Man


I’m about to say a really stereotypical thing.

But working with thousands of women over the past two decades has shown me that this generalisation is on the money.

Somewhere along the line women were given this impression that if they just asked the universe for something, it would deliver.

If they put enough energy into asking for super loving man, the universe would provide. They decided they would manifest the perfect partner by creating a list.

So they went about creating the list. And the list goes something like this:

One Fantastic Man (Please, Universe):

Must be:

  • 6 foot 2
  • Dark skinned
  • Blue eyes
  • Loves his mother, but does not listen to her about everything
  • Plays basketball or soccer (not AFL)
  • Rich, but doesn’t work too much
  • Drives a Lamborghini
  • Takes me to the South of France
  • Wants three children, but not two or four
  • Doesn’t eat carbs
  • Is easy going, yet driven and successful
  • Hung like a horse and is fantastic in the sack
  • Likes public displays of affection
  • A doctor that takes 12 weeks of paid leave per year

This list is actually paraphrased from the hundreds and hundreds of lists I’ve seen from women who come to MJB with a concern that they can’t find a successful relationship because they can’t find the perfect partner.

I’m not making this stuff up.


They book into a workshop troubled about the patterns they’re seeing in their lives and connections and this is the step they’ve taken to redirect their energy.

I call it:

“The Ridiculously Colossal List of High Expectations”

At this point I discuss with the woman what it would mean if the universe really did provide, and this list was manifested into the perfect partner. What would that relationship actually look like? Would they feel as if they were enough? Would they be comfortable skipping off to the South of France with a Doctor who drove a Lamborghini and called his mother? Would they be ready?

And how the hell are they to be expecting this incredible man to be manifested? What do they have to bring to the table?

Because when you really break down all these expectations and then morph them back into a living, breathing human, you’re going to end up with one super complex and over the top being.

So how do you manifest the perfect partner?


When you’re ready to really manifest the relationship of your dreams into your life, you tell the universe what you’re BEING, not give it a list to fulfil.

You create in yourself the best possible version of your own humanity, you ensure you’re ready for the incredible partner you’re wanting to welcome into your life. If you want to make a list, make one of all the fabulous qualities that YOU bring to the relationship, rather than focussing on what you’re wanting to get from someone else.

What are your traits and characteristics? What’s wonderful about you? Why do you deserve this incredible non carb consuming man?


Show the universe WHY you can be trusted with such an individual.

Prove to the universe that you’re in love with yourself first, so you can make room to share a values system with another person.

Prove to the universe that you’re in love with yourself first to attract a match to your values. Click To Tweet

Because, even the lopsided perspective offered by The Secret and Power of Positive Thinking tell us: We can only manifest qualities that we also possess.

If you want a loving partner, you have to be a loving person.


If you want an ambitious spouse, you have to show the universe you’re capable of being driven.

Want financial security? Give it to yourself? Want to be told your beautiful? Tell yourself.

If you’re not embodying the same qualities you’re asking for, you’ll probably whimper away, mess it up, or back up quickly if you actually meet this super manifestation of a man.

Remember when the Wizard of Oz says to the Tinman; “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others”? Your ability to recognise that love in another, we feel it in ourselves. That’s the essence of falling in love.


Fall in love with yourself. Know your beautiful parts. Acknowledge your voids. Show the world you’re ready for joy. When you’re humming at the right frequency and you know who you are and what you have to offer, there’ll be no need for a list – the right partner will show up at exactly the right time and place.

Manifest the perfect partner by BEING the perfect partner.

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