How Your Meaning In Life Can Make You Money

How Your Meaning In Life Can Make You Money

Today I’d like to you about a certain equation.

Don’t worry. I’m not about to go all super boffin on you, or start harping on about the perfection of pi.

No. This equation is something much more relevant to us all.

It’s an equation that many of us get wrong throughout our lifetime. It’s a conundrum we trick ourselves into believing we’ve solved, when in reality we are way way way off the mark.

You see, a lot of people think that when they pursue money they will find meaning in life.

Money = Meaning

Can you see the problem there?

It should, in fact, be the opposite way round. Because it is when one pursues and has meaning, that they will find money comes in life.

Meaning = Money


Did I just blow your mind?

Well, before we all run outside into the glorious outdoors to shout EUREKA! Let me expand on this statement a little…

Meaning is not found in the pursuit of money.

Meaning is only found in the realisation and living of our dreams and aspirations, of following our calling.

For when one has meaning, one has wealth. Wealth is just a given.

And to throw you another curve ball which will really blow your mind…

…The health of your wealth is actually determined by how clear you are about your meaning and purpose.

Ergo, the clearer you are about your meaning and purpose, the healthier your wealth.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

But it also works in the reverse: The more disorganised and unclear you are in yourself and about your calling, the more deteriorated your wealth and the worse shape your finances will be in.

So it’s important to realise that when you are inspired to go out and bring your vision into the world, when you are clear and focused on what you want to accomplish, the Universe has no choice but to respond to the intention and frequency you emit.

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What will then happen, when you place this demand on yourself to follow your calling, is that the supply rises to meet that demand. When you take action and start actively seeking ways to realise your mission and meaning, the Universe will ensure that the funds you require are available to you—so you are able to fulfil this goal and leave a legacy larger than yourself.

It is an indisputable truth.

That is the essential nature of the Universal Law of Supply and Demand, and this is why it is so integral to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is it that I’m here to do?

2. What footprint am I destined to make on humanity?

3. What kind of legacy will I leave?

After all, it’s no use chasing money for the sake of chasing money.

For example, if I gave our friend Average Joe a winning lotto ticket today, within a matter of months (if not weeks) he would squander the jackpot on short term satisfaction.

Why? Because our pal Joe has no long-term vision for that money. He doesn’t appreciate this wealth, and so it will slip through his fingers before he even has a chance to grip it in his fist.

If you’ve ever attended an MJB Seminars event, you will most likely have heard me say the following statement:

“Money flows to where it is appreciated most, and flees from where it’s appreciated least.”

And this is the problem for the masses right now; they first and foremost chase wealth and money, all the while appreciating it least.

Which is about effective as building a sandcastle in the middle of a tsunami.

You seriously don’t want to do this. Not when you can live a life of meaning, instead. Because it’s as I’ve stated before, it is through living a life of meaning that wealth comes anyway.

Making it a no brainer, wouldn’t you agree? It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

(I’m just full of equations today.)

So now that we’re on the same page, I want to share with you another thought…

To live a life of meaning is to live in a state of stability.

Basically, this is another way of saying that living a life of meaning is to live in a state of equilibrium, of knowing and not pursuit. We’re not chasing anything, and we’re also not running from anything.

We are still and we are grateful, aware of the world under our feet and the breath in our lungs.

We live with an awareness that everything we could ever need has been around us the whole time, and become aware that all the tools we require have been within us all along. Even when we claim that they’re not. Especially when we claim they’re not.

Indeed, the common delusion is that we have to chase money, so that we can feel positive, successful, worthy and recognised.

But in reality… if you chase money, you may as well be running straight to your grave.

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

The real objective should be to maintain stability, which can be done by living your life every day as if you’re already living your dreams. To be still and to breathe and allow yourself time to feel gratitude for the achievement of your mission, specifically before this accomplishment has manifested in your life.

“Why before?” you ask.

Because wealth is built on emotional stability. And when we are in a state of true gratitude, when we feel this emotion in our heart and soul, we are in that state of stability and equilibrium. It gives us the most secure foundation on which to build and retain our wealth.

We are not anxious or charged around money, teetering in our emotional state, one gust away from crumbling. We are secure, solid in our certainty.

…Essentially, the point of talking to you so much about wealth today is to hammer home this point:

When you have meaning in life, money comes anyway.

And through taking action to establish your personal stability you will also stabilise your wealth, giving you the resources you need to realise, achieve and attain your dreams and aspirations.

Meaning. Money. Means.

It is a circle that feeds into itself. All these elements fit together.

That is the true equation.

Got it? Great.

Now you can run outside to shout EUREKA! 😉

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