My Wife’s Business

My Wife’s Business

Last year I was interviewed by a female mature age student who was doing a thesis on the difference between a business leader and an entrepreneur.

One of the questions she asked me was what did I think defined a successful business person. Is it the person who has the most amount of money in their bank…?


Is it the person that runs the largest company and wields the greatest amount of power in that company…?


Is it the person whose company’s product has the greatest market share…?


At this point I stopped her and said, before you go any further, there is no such thing as a successful business person there is only a successful person in business.

So let me tell you what I perceive defines a successful person in business.

A successful person in business is a person that has found the most effective and efficient way to live their lives in accordance with their value systems and has done so by leading by example, encouraging every person they came in touch with to do the same.

A successful person is one who's found the most effective, efficient way to live in harmony with their value systems. Click To Tweet

It’s nothing to do with product position, return on investments or power. These, my friends, are all a by-product.

When you live in accordance with your values you shine and people are attracted to that!

The most influential CEO’s are looked up to because they emanate greatness which we call, SUCCESS; they have successfully managed to live their lives in accordance to their value systems and turned that into a product or service (business).

When you’re loyal to your value systems, people are loyal to you! Why? Because people feel they can trust you! Look at Apple for example. While Steve Jobs was alive people were loyal to his innovativeness. Being innovative was his highest value, he was loyal to that value he lived it daily. Now that he’s passed, Samsung are getting a greater and greater hold on the market place! Loyalty to Apple is waning.

Why? Because people were loyal to Steve Jobs and Apple not just Apple, people associated Steve with Apple.

So what does this mean for you…?

Very simple!


Be clear with what your values are and every day make sure you’re living them in some way!

If you really value education make sure you’re learning every day. If you really value surfing make sure you do something around this every day.

Finally I want to tell you a little something I realised about a hero of mine, my wife. She really values being a mother and every day she researches, learns how to be a better mother with our girls and in doing so inspires me to be the greatest dad. She lives her life in accordance with her values and does everything she can to be better at it every day, in her business of being a mother!

With Love and Inspiration,


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