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Relationships & You

Discover the proven secrets that will allow you to free yourself from any perceived negative cycles and patterns that have been holding you back, and finally start living the life you deserve

Dear Friend,

If you want to live a life full of certainty, inspiration and fulfilment, you can. The only thing stopping it from happening is YOU.

That’s right…

Your ability to achieve your heart’s desires begins with you, and the relationship you have with yourself.

And that’s exactly where you need to start.

I mean, have you ever noticed that you keep repeating the same perceived negative cycles and patterns in your life? That these same cycles continually recur in your relationships, at home, at work, with your money, with your friends?

Have you ever noticed that what you run from, you keep running into?

If so, you are not alone

We all spend our lives in pursuit of happiness, only to crash into the same hurdles time and time again.

We are constantly picking ourselves up, brushing ourselves down and starting again with renewed purpose, determined that this time, things will be different. Inevitably though, we end up right back where we started – disillusioned, frustrated and confused. It comes to a point for all of us when we realise that the root cause of all the challenges we face in our lives could be closer than we think.

At some level we realise there are patterns we keep repeating, and that maybe, just maybe, these patterns are more to do with ourselves than others.

After all, we are the ones these things keep happening to – we are the common denominator!

The truth is, every cycle and pattern in our life is trying to tell us something. We just have to stop and listen once in a while. Contrary to popular belief, real fulfilment doesn’t begin when you find that special someone, and fall in love with them…

Real fulfilment begins when you find yourself, and finally learn how to love YOU. You see, from an early age you’ve been pre-programmed to feel a certain way about YOURSELF, which ever since, has been affecting everything in your life, including the relationships you have with other people, your career, your finances, your family, and everything else in the outside world.

“The quality of the relationships we have with everyone and everything in this world is entirely dependent on the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves”

Mitch Behan

MJB Seminars

So what do you need to do about it?

Well, simply put, the key to improving everything in your life starts with improving your perception of everything in your life – and this begins with YOU.

The truth is that for every one of us, the reality we live in is made up of a series of perceptions. These perceptions are formed from an early age and are a consequence of our experiences.

They shape the way we see the world and are the only reason we find ourselves trapped in recurring cycles and patterns which may not be good for us.

None of us can erase or wipe out our experiences, but we can perceive them differently.

In effect, you can create a better life for yourself and achieve a level of certainty you never thought possible, simply by shifting the way you perceive those experiences and what you tell yourself about them. This is the only way to evolve your consciousness, transform your life and finally end the repetitive patterns and cycles that have been preventing you from achieving the life you truly deserve.

And that’s exactly what The Relationships & You 3-Day LIVE Seminar will do for you!

During The Relationships & You 3-Day LIVE Seminar, you’ll be taken on the most eye-opening and transformational journey of your life…

What is it?

Relationships & You is the first step on your road to self-mastery, and is specifically designed to take you inside yourself and essentially ‘reset’ your perceptions of yourself and the world around you. This seminar is the first stage in our 3-part process of personal growth, which is continued in Letting It Go, and brought to a truly transformational and life-changing conclusion with Student, Teacher, Prophet.

In Relationships & You, you will discover that the only way to transform your life and free yourself from its repetitive cycles and patterns is to have true gratitude and love for yourself, for the people around you, and for every aspect of your life, past and present. In short, you’re going to be shown how to transform the way you perceive yourself, and your past experiences, by effectively RE-PROGRAMMING your mind so that you’re finally capable of creating the kind of life you deserve.

Sounds impossible, right?

But through this intensely powerful process, it is not only possible, but 100% ACHIEVABLE, as you will discover for yourself during the seminar!

This is the first step to creating true LIFE MASTERY, and it starts now

During the Relationships & You 3-Day LIVE Seminar, you will discover :

The secrets to experiencing a mental, spiritual and physical transformation that will allow you to create the life of your dreams

That there really is a ‘hidden order’ to everything in your life, and how to use this knowledge to create the success and fulfilment you desire

That NOTHING in your life has ever been a mistake

Why it’s so important to love YOURSELF before you can love somebody else!

How to deal with unrealistic expectations, and why they’re holding you back from achieving fulfilment and a real love for life

How to conquer your insecurities and take control of your life

How to become the confident, in-control and attractive person that you see in others, but never in yourself

The beautiful truth that you are loved, and always have been

Why it is important to love YOURSELF before you can love somebody else!

That everything you learn at the seminar cannot be un-learned, just as you cannot un-learn how to ride a bike

And much more!

From this point on, your life will never be the same again – it will be much, much better!

Ultimately, a life of certainty and fulfilment can only be possible when you’re able to love yourself, and know that you deserve that life. And this 2-day event has been specifically designed to help you learn to love YOU, which will give you everything you need to create the life of your dreams.

And it can start right now…

Here’s what others have to say

Things change. After this we fell in love all over again. The greatest thing i have ever done.

Renee Morell-Brown

Nothing I have ever read or attended has given me what I experienced over that weekend

Caron Dadell

All the money in the world couldn’t buy what I Walked out with. Truly humbling and life transforming.

Blair Harding

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What others are saying…

“You have truly opened my eyes and heart”

Dear Emilia and Mitch, I don’t know what has happened (actually yes I do) to me. I’ve spent my whole life chasing success. I’ve literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Self Development in the last 5-8 years to find it.

I woke up this morning in my 2 and half million dollar home right on the beach in Trigg, looked out at the awesome blue ocean, absolutely panoramic views. The ocean is glass, surfers are out ripping up waves, it’s all happening. I start to cry because everything just looks so beautiful and I am truly grateful for where I am in my life. The penny dropped! I actually have what I spent 15 years chasing.

For the first time in my life I understand what has been happening, everything has been for a purpose. I feel like I’m acting with amazing clarity. Everything seems different now I’ve finally let go and truly love myself for who I am and where I’ve come from.

Mitch, this is so mind blowing to me, I truly believe part of my life’s purpose is helping people see what I’ve seen. I will fill your workshops for a whole year with the people I know. Thank you both once again. You have truly opened my eyes and heart.

Blair Harding

I’ll be seeing you in 6 days’ time (I have been counting down the days) and I have been wanting to write this letter for a while. More so to say a huge THANK YOU and to let you know how I’ve travelled since meeting you both.

Experiencing an experience that did change my life from that moment on, I did question you repeatedly. “How long will it last or when do you crash?” No prangs yet! Yes some skids, but something different kicks in that makes me feel safe, sure and awake. I learn something new in every moment about myself. Something has changed. And I love it and I thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you all so very much. All of you. An opportunity brought about by a friend, made do-able as I have loving parents and applicable due to the abilities and love of you both.

Love, light and laughter,

Kiaja Haddrick

“I can’t express in words how much this has helped me”

Dear Mitch, I just wanted to express how much gratitude I have for you coming into my life, and showing me how much I can learn from myself that I really truly already know what’s going on, I just have to take the time, and accept the help to find it.

It was the scariest step I’ve ever taken, to entrust the deepest darkest secrets from my life into your hands, but the funniest and most enlightened moments of my life when I broke through.

I laughed and cried because I got the irony – that it was there all along I really just chose not to see it. I never ever thought I would ‘agree’ with you – and saw that it wasn’t you I had to agree with, it was just ‘life’.

Not to minimise my experience, you saw how traumatised I was from it and I never thought it was something I could ‘let go of’ or forgive the person for abusing me. Now I realise I don’t have to. I can see the magnitude and the balance in life and it’s ok. I have thanked my abuser for making me look for love and safety where I never thought possible and that in itself is a miracle.

I couldn’t believe the response from people afterwards, they told me I was glowing and I felt so calm and relieved. I’m looking forward to applying what I have learnt to the rest of my life. I can’t express in words how much this has helped me, and I realise that I have helped myself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Natalie Beers

“I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders”

Thank you for doing what you do and for such an inspiring weekend. I just wanted you to know that you changed my life forever and I will be eternally grateful.

Firstly I wanted to say that I hadn’t thanked you for the Alchemy and You seminar that Damien and I attended in October 2009. We went home drew up a plan and from there. We have watched our money grow to the point that we are now looking at buying a house at the end of this year, whether it be an investment or our own. The weekend we attended the seminar we had no savings at all and we have worked really hard to get to where we are today.

Secondly, after being at the Relationships and You seminar this weekend, I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. As I write this I still can’t find the words to describe my feelings (although in days to come I’m sure I will).

Having been with you I know I will be the best wife, mother, friend and most important the best person I can be.

Love and Light (I really like this!)

Pam Keily

“I am truly grateful for what you have shown me”

When I first met with Mitch I told him that, in no uncertain terms, was I willing to do, or be involved in, anything that would undo the hard work I had done to pull myself out of where I was a few years ago. A place where, if I hadn’t found the strength I did, I would still be stuck in today. I also told him that I was not looking for some ‘group therapy’, warm and fuzzy cuddles around a campfire singing Kumbaya scenario.

Mitch assured me that he could help me see the reasons I found myself unable to move forward, the reasons I kept repeating the same patterns in my life and the reasons I was so frustrated with my life and the situations I found myself in. I took him on his word and, although I was still very sceptical, signed up for Relationships and You.

Mitch: that weekend changed my life and as promised there was no ‘undoing’ of the work I had done and there was no group therapy or campfire sing-along.

Thank you for helping me to see that everything that has happened in my life, whether I perceived it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there was order in it, there was a reason for it. You showed me that those experiences were what gave me the strength, the patience, the ability to listen and understand, the things that gave me the ability to get myself out of the situation I was in.

You helped me to see that no matter what has happened, no matter what ‘wrongs’ I perceived I had done by me, there was love, beyond my comprehension, within them the whole time. I am truly grateful for what you have shown me. I now know that it was right in front of me the whole time but I was unable to or unwilling to see it.

I now have a new outlook on life and a love for myself, something I never thought I would have.

Thank you.

Megan McLean – 6 February, 2012

“The most amazing experience of my life”

Dear Mitch and Millsy, I want to express my gratitude to you both and your team for the most amazing experience of my life. “Relationships and you” has opened my heart to see that I am loved beyond my comprehension. I was so fearful and intimidated at the beginning of the course and all I wanted to do was run away. I was also fearful that I would not get it, but… I GOT IT.

Millsy, it was great sitting with you yesterday and listening to your story, getting it a little at a time. That is what happened to me this morning while getting ready for work I had another, ‘I got it moment’ and shared that with Peter, we cried and laughed at the same time.

I am so grateful that you have shared this with me, I am so humbled by this experience that all I can say is. THANK YOU over and over again.

Sending you both and your team the warmest of regards and looking forward to continue the amazing journey

Pam KeMargit Lazzarini – 19 September, 2011

“Your teachings and influence has saved us from so much and has transformed our lives for the better”

Dearest Mills and Mitch,

To think it was our 1st visit to the Mind Body Spirit show and from there you have both changed our lives forever. I said to Marg, “What if we just walked past?”

We went there seeking answers, how profound has that turned out to be. We love you so dearly and your teachings and influence has saved us from so much and has transformed our lives for the better.

As Mitch says, “Words cannot describe.” I only want to say THANK YOU! The part of me that you have re-ignited has been dormant and in fact dying for many years.

We are so looking forward to future events and the magical cruise with you through the Caribbean.

Love you guys so damn much.

Bless You.

Peter Leishman – 19 September, 2011

“We are all extraordinary people. This seminar helped me realise that and a lot more”

I used to be scared of a lot of things. I felt I was not living my life – that I was just existing. Going through the motions. I can’t explain how much this seminar affected me. I have been hanging on to so much rubbish that was controlling me. This seminar opened my eyes to the truth of my life and all things.

I really was worried before I went into it that it wouldn’t work for me. That I was fundamentally broken in some way and no seminar could fix me.

Turns out I’m not broken. There is nothing to fix. And everything in my life is as it should be.

I got rid of all the chatter that used to be going on in my head all the time. I feel so much lighter. I feel like I’ve finally woken up. I can do anything.

Thank you so much Mitch and Amelia. What you help people to find in themselves is astounding.

We are all extraordinary people. This seminar helped me realise that and a lot more.

Love and Light,

Rachele Atkinson, 16 September 2011

“A great tool for increasing my awareness of certain cycles and issues that have consistently popped up in my life”

It seems that once you are on the personal development path, you can’t stop, and that’s out of obligation to yourself. For all those who have attended an information night for MJB, you can consider yourself now on the personal development path, as there is no doubt that something Mitch said would have resonated with you… so don’t stop!

Relationships and You was such a great tool for increasing my awareness of certain cycles and issues that have consistently popped up in my life, and now that I have the awareness, I can now do something to change my circumstances…and no one can ever change that or take it away from me.

To be in a place of awareness is so amazing, it changes your perspective on everything. So I encourage all of you to take this one weekend out, to better yourself and begin (or go further along) the path of being the best you can and also being a great example to others.

As Mitch likes to say, we are part of this movement whether we like it or not so why not just get on board. Thanks Mitch for coming from such a loving place within your heart, you are great at what you do! The whole team is amazing.

With love and gratitude,

Beth Bridges – 30 June 2011

“It is like a heavy anchor that has been dragging me down has suddenly been lifted off me”

I have been lost, confused and unhappy in my life for many years. Last year I was blessed to meet and become friends with two amazing people who suggested I complete the Relationships and You seminar that I did with you both this weekend.

Now, after having done the Relationships and You seminar, I feel I am starting to find who I truly am again. I have an overwhelming sense of freedom. It is like a heavy anchor that has been dragging me down has suddenly been lifted off me. I feel like I am floating on light itself.

Thank you so much for showing me a way to finding my true self and loving who I am again. You are both amazing people. I look forward to working with you both again soon when I do the “Letting it Go” seminar.

Once again, thank you.

Sarina Cooper – 24 June, 2011

“I thank you once and again for this humbling experience”

I am writing to thank you both from the bottom of my heart, for helping and encouraging me to open my eyes and open my heart so I can look back at our tragic loss of Emily and thank her with all my heart for giving up her life for the greater purpose of her family, friends and all she touched in her short life.

I can now look at Sarah, Ben, Tim & Holly and say “Thank you, I love you just the way you are.” Emily left me with the gift of Strength, Courage & Unconditional love, it has taken this weekend with ‘R&Y’ to see these gifts and believe in myself. Now I need to channel these gifts for the greater purpose of others!

I thank you once and again for this humbling experience, I now look at life differently and am not searching for what I already have inside.

With love, Light and Sincere Gratitude.

Anne Brown – 24 June, 2011

“There is no price that I wouldn’t pay to have what I have now”

To all who are considering participating in the work of MJB Seminars, these are just a few words to convey the degree of the shift in my life since doing Relationships & You in 2006.

I had suffered from Depression from childhood and in my thirties I was on very heavy doses of medication. I attempted suicide on two occasions, the last time being a week before doing this Seminar. I was in such a fractured state that I had created an outer world around me that mirrored my inner world of worthlessness and failure as a daughter, mother and wife. In my eyes I had failed to live up to my father’s expectations of me and because I felt I couldn’t do it, I would have rather been dead than lived with the pain of despair and disappointment of the nothing that I thought I was.

Going into the Seminar I was scared but something inside me knew that I could trust Mitch… that he was going to lead me towards something big. I also knew that I had to do something differently than I had always done, that I had to do whatever it took to help myself for the sake of my children. He led me through a process of awakening and truth within myself that opened my heart to such a degree that I haven’t been able to close it since.

It’s been over 5 years now and rather than seeing the absence of miracles, I now see everything as a miracle! Miraculous things keep happening over and over again in my life including my adult children doing this work, my family, friends and nearly every person in my life. I know first-hand the incredible difference it has made to my life but also to the lives of those I love. I am living my dreams with the husband of my dreams and devoted to a cause beyond myself to assist others with Depression to find the infinite power and magnificence of who they really are.

There is no price that I wouldn’t pay to have what I have now. It was simply an investment in myself that has paid off and returned to me a thousand times over and continues to in every aspect of my life.

Thank you Mitch and Emilia, you are two of the most committed and inspiring human beings I have ever been blessed to know in my lifetime. I will never forget the day I saw the order and truth in my life. That day I began a new beginning, I discovered a new reality and I created a different ending.

Bless you both… I love you.

Natalie Dowel McIntosh – 9 May, 2011

“What a brilliant gift you are giving mankind!”

Thank you for a wonderful experience! The Relationships and You weekend completely affirmed that I am on the right path! What a brilliant gift you are giving mankind!

Maria D – 3 May, 2011