Beta Release Technique

Whether you are a business manager, yoga instructor, lawyer or super mum the Beta Release Technique will set you up with the skills and tools necessary to powerfully shift the lives of the people around you.
Why Attend?

If you are looking to become a certified Beta Release Practitioner, help clients to become more balanced both physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well as be able to really help people live more enriched lives then this course is for you.

The Beta Release Technique training allows you to become a qualified Beta Release Practitioner and is the only way to become endorsed and promoted by MJB Seminars.

What Qualification will I Receive?

Successful graduates receive a qualification that allows you to use the Beta Release Technique with clients. This may be one of many, or the central tool in your practitioner toolbox to really make a difference in the health of the clients that you see.

You will have the skills to access when a client is out of balance in their nervous system and how to effectively restore this balance so the body may better heal itself not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.


What is Beta Release?

The Beta Release Technique is a series of physical movements that are designed to take the body out of inappropriate states of stress, discomfort, or dis-ease within seconds.

This is achieved by balancing out the left and right sides or hemispheres of the brain that allows the nervous system to come back to a state of natural balance.

When used correctly Beta Release will help with the following:

  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Straighter posture
  • Less physical tension
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved energy levels
  • Greater sense of connectedness to ones self

Being aligned, you let your awareness work for you in a very real, balanced and natural way that may reduce the propensity from over-reacting to the subtle, negative stresses of life and retreating into a brain-locked detached world.

What does the program involve?
  • 4 workshop days on the Beta Release Technique
  • 1day of Business Master school
  • Assignments
  • 2x Webinars
  • Practical Beta Release Technique Assessment
  • Log Book Assessment of your 50 Beta Release Sessions over the next 12 months
What content does the program cover?
  • The Background of the Beta Release Technique
  • Understanding what happens when a brain is out of balance
  • How to read foot positions and their relationship to the brain
  • Blockages in the feet
  • Reading the physical body
  • Connecting to the client
  • Talking to the client
  • Understanding the stress response
  • The benefits of Beta Release
  • Practical preparations
  • Practical application of the technique
  • Business 101
During the Certification program you will:

Be continually observed and offered feedback against Beta Release Technique competencies, while practicing with peers. You will receive Supervision in live Beta Release sessions and individual Coaching from qualified practitioners.

Our methodology:
  • We are interactive with demonstrations and practice as well as knowledge input.
  • We create an informal and relaxed, yet challenging environment.
  • We move from knowledge sharing and input, to experiential and interactive sessions.
  • We help you to solicit and generate high quality feedback.
  • We tell real life stories about our own experiences as professional Beta Release Practitioners.
  • There will be some practice sessions on each day.
  • You will be provided with a comprehensive manual including resources for practice with clients

You must have completed Student Teacher Prophet to be eligible for the training.


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