Letting It Go

Discover How to Take Back Control of Your Own Destiny, Realise Your True Potential and Finally Start Living the Life You Deserve


Letting It Go

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why you’re really here and what your purpose and destiny is? Have you ever noticed that other people and what they want, seem to determine your direction?

Do you feel as though external forces are influencing your life, and preventing you from achieving the dreams and aspirations you desire? Do you ever wish that you could live your life the way you want to live it?

If so, then keep reading…

You see, whenever we let our lives be determined by what other people want, the demands they make on us, and the external circumstances of our lives, we lose touch with our values, our focus and our purpose, and we forget that we have the capacity to choose.

We lose control over our own destiny, and what WE want. But if you want to achieve real success and fulfilment in your life, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to finally take back control.

Imagine how it would feel to have FULL CONTROL of your own life and everything in it.

To be confident in your choices.


To choose for yourself what it is you want to do and how to go about doing it.


To know beyond doubt that the only life you are here to live is your own.


To determine your own direction and know what it is you were born to do.


Well now you can!

The Letting It Go 3-Day Seminar is the perfect follow-up to the Relationships & You EVENT – an intensive learning experience designed to put you firmly back in control of your own life.

Where Relationships & You will open your eyes to where you’ve been going wrong and what you can achieve once you put it right, Letting It Go will give you all the TOOLS you need to make it happen.

Over the course of the 3 days, you will discover…

How to unravel any chaos and confusion in your life and free yourself from limiting perceptions

How to finally “let go” of all the perceived roadblocks that have been holding you back, and preventing you from achieving the truly inspiring life you deserve.

How to readily dissolve feelings of fear, guilt, frustration, anger and resentment from your life, enabling you to open your heart and live a life of gratitude and joy, no matter what.

Ignite the inspiration within you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations

Your REAL PURPOSE in life, and what it is that you’re here to do

How to master your wealth, your relationships, and your destiny

And much, much more!


In short, you will be handed your very own personal ‘toolbox’ for shaping your own future, and achieving the success you deserve in every area of your life.

Open your mind to what you’re truly capable of

In this truly mind-blowing 3-day seminar, you will discover that the process you have experienced and learned is firmly grounded in the science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. The dynamic and clear delivery of this content makes it exciting, invigorating, inspiring and easily understood by everyone.

And by the end of this 3-day seminar, you will be left in no doubt that everything, regardless of what you’ve done, what you’re doing, or what you’re going to do, is all part of the natural order of things.

100% clarity = 100% power

During Letting It Go you will finally discover and formalise your life’s purpose.

By defining your values and appreciating what you have in your life, you will finally understand what it is you are here to achieve, and what you are ultimately working towards. Believe me, at the end of the Letting It Go Event, you will be absolutely clear about what it is you are here to do.

You will have balanced out any perceptions which up until now have been hindering you from achieving what you want, and holding you back from living the life you truly want to lead. You will have written a very concise and powerful personal mission statement, and you will be excited and inspired about the direction of your life.

During this genuinely transformational event, you will be handed all the tools you need to create a more inspired and fulfilling life for yourself.

“All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions”

- Leonardo da Vinci

The only form of help is self-help

This is fundamentally what Letting It Go is all about: giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to help yourself.

During The Letting It Go 3-Day Seminar, you will discover :

How to create a new sense of direction, confidence and clarity


How to break through your fears and doubts and free your mind so it’s ready for greatness!


How to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to move forward


How to take your relationships, finances, career and health to a whole new level


How to see the world with eyes of gratitude and love, instead of fear and resentment


How to love unconditionally, and ride the wave of life instead of fighting against it


How to become the controller of your own life and plan your future accordingly


How to “let go” of any perceived perceptions and painful memories that are eating away at you and preventing you from achieving REAL SUCCESS


And much, much more!


Remember, you can only move forward and live an inspired, fulfilled life when you’ve properly dealt with the issues that, up until now, have been holding you back

You deserve to be free, and to be content, but in order to do that, you need to LET GO. The Letting It Go 3-Day Seminar has been specifically designed to help you do exactly that, finally freeing your mind and enabling you to create the life of your dreams.

And it can start right now…

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”

- Jim Rohn

Get in touch

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Call us on (08) 9240 7553 or email us at info@mjbseminars.com.au.

Otherwise please just choose how you would like to pay for the event.  After you pay you’ll be taken to a form to register for the event date and location of your choice!

What others are saying…

“Not a day goes by where I don’t use what I learned on that weekend.”

Letting It Go changed my life. It made me see things differently, hear things differently. It made me look at me and love me. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about what happened to me on that weekend. Not a day goes by where I don’t use what I learned on that weekend.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Barbara Smeeton

“Our marriage and family life have benefited from this experience in a way that
no words can explain.”

Thank you for creating such a great opportunity with your seminars. Fred and I went into the Relationships & You seminar with the idea that we would take a chance and just check it out because we felt we had nowhere else to turn.

Our expectations were not only met but also exceeded. We couldn’t wait to attend the Letting it Go program and this was definitely vital in helping us take it to another level. The seminars were truly uplifting and have provided us with a sense of direction, confidence and clarity.

Not only have we seen a transformation in ourselves as individuals but also our marriage and family life have definitely benefited from this experience in a way that no words can explain.

Thank you for helping us break through our fears in a non-threatening environment and for empowering us with the knowledge and tools to move forward.

The programs were worth every cent and I highly recommend that all people wanting to take their relationships, finances, career and health to a new level should attend. I have told all of my friends and family about you and these wonderful programs and will continue to do so.

It was an honour to work with yourself and Emilia.

With Gratitude,

Carole Viglione

“Absolutely mind blowing!”

Letting It Go was absolutely mind blowing! You have all given me so much more than I expected to receive. To be able to see the world with eyes of gratitude instead of fear and resentment, is a humbling experience and it truly sets me free. Free to be all I can be, to love unconditionally and to ride the wave instead of fighting against it.

Thank you for sharing with me the divine knowledge and wisdom that you have been given. I truly admire the unshakeable faith you all have to stand up and accept the mission you have been chosen for. That kind of courage is an inspiration for others to stand up and do the same.

When I pull myself up out of the pit and back down off the pedestal I then allow myself to be one with everything and then right in that moment I can see clearly the mission that God had laid before me.

I am now willing to commit without hesitation and rejoice in my new found ability to let go and let things happen so that I may rise above all limitations and relax into the flow of life.

I have enjoyed every moment I have spent with you guys. Thank God you chose to shine instead of playing it small.

With much love and gratitude,

Julia Macri

“I have never been so clear and invigorated in my life!”

Wow, just finished Letting It Go, and I have never been so clear and invigorated in my life! If you have already completed Relationships & You, I highly recommend you do LIG to see how deep MJB can go and how amazing it can get.

Marc Patea