Student Teacher Prophet

REVEALED: The Key Ingredients to ‘Life Mastery’ That Will Finally Enable You to Access Fulfilment, Love and Inspiration in Every Moment of Every Day

This 7-day seminar is the pinnacle of self-development – don’t miss it!


Student, Teacher, Prophet

Dear Friend,

What if you could truly master your life, and everything in it? What if you could make the absolute best of yourself, by bringing balance to the 10 most important areas of your life? What if you could find real inspiration and fulfilment in every moment of every day, for the rest of your days on this Earth?

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re going to discover how to do during our incredible and truly transformational 7-day workshop, Student, Teacher, Prophet LIVE!

What is Student, Teacher, Prophet?

Student, Teacher, Prophet is the culmination of the MJB Seminars experience, where you will learn how to apply everything you’ve discovered during the Relationships & You and Letting It Go live seminars to any area of your life.

As such, Student, Teacher, Prophet is an intensive 7-day workshop designed to take you from where you are right now, to where you truly want to be. At the end of these 7 days, you will finally understand what you need to do to find clarity, fulfilment, connection, love, gratitude and inspiration in every moment of every day.

You will unreservedly accept sole responsibility for living a fruitful, fulfilling life every day, and make the final step towards being the person you truly want to be.

And you will receive all the help and guidance you’ll ever need!

During Student, Teacher, Prophet, our mentors will not only be holding your hand and helping you through this transformational process for a full 7 days, we will also be there to guide you either side of the workshop, too.

12 Months Follow-up Support – Completely Free

Indeed, when you attend Student, Teacher, Prophet, you will also benefit from a full 12 months of free access to the team, via Skype, email or telephone, whenever you need us! This comprehensive and personal mentoring service will make absolutely sure that you’re able to successfully break old patterns and habits, firmly tap into your own inner source of knowledge and wisdom, and recognise yourself as both student and teacher.

From there, you will finally understand how to attract and create the life you would most like to lead, to discover the essence of who you truly are, and to be a prophet in your own life.

But that’s not all.

You will also learn how to bring ALL 10 areas of your life into perfect balance

That’s right…

During the course of this 7-day workshop, we will examine and bring into balance every one of the ten areas of your life. These areas are: mental, spiritual, physical, family, sexual, personal social, global social, financial, career, and vocation.

We will progress through these areas one at a time, only moving onto the next once you fully understand how to bring balance to the one before it.

You will finally discover the equilibrium between everything you perceive to be SUPPORTING you in achieving your dreams and aspirations, and all those things which you perceive are HINDERING you and holding you back.

Once you have done this, you will know yourself as powerful, responsible, and capable: fully immersed in a rich and wholesome life.

You will be stimulated intellectually and your levels of conscious awareness will expand

The teachings carried out during the Student, Teacher, Prophet Workshop are once again grounded in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics, and you will learn how these are directly linked to your existence and the life you experience.

You will discover how they bridge the gap between science and spirituality, and your eyes will be opened wide to the principle of mass consciousness, and the study and implementation of universal laws and principles and how they relate to your everyday life.

This seminar is the culmination of everything You have learned!

Following on from the Relationships & You and Letting It Go live events, the Student, Teacher, Prophet 7-Day Workshop will bring together everything you have learned, and expand on it to a point where you will become so excited by the prospect of transforming your life, that you simply won’t be able to hold off applying the techniques to every area of your consciousness, INSTANTLY!

The Student, Teacher, Prophet 7-Day Workshop will finally enable you to take centre stage in your own life, and become a giant upon whose shoulders others will want to stand.

During The Student, Teacher, Prophet 7-Day LIVE Seminar, you will discover :

How to live an incredible, joyful and fulfilling life

How to attract and create the life you’ve always wanted, but were too afraid to ask for

How to maintain balance and gratitude every day of your life, without exception

How to inspire and motivate others in your life to achieve the same success as you

How to bring perfect balance to the 10 most critical areas of your life

That you are, and always have been, a student, teacher and prophet of life

And much, much more!

Remember, there are times in all our lives – regardless of what we have studied, practiced, earned or applied – when we are tested.

Life can sometimes throw up painful and challenging experiences. And when our stability, resolve, purpose and capacity to respond to these things are threatened, we can start to wobble.

The Student, Teacher, Prophet 7-Day Workshop will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to stand firm through all the circumstances of your life, and to know with absolute certainty and clarity, that no matter what, life is a gift, and you are here to enjoy it.

And it can start right now…

“To explain all nature is too difficult a task for any one man or even for any one age. Tis much better to do a little with certainty, and leave the rest for others that come after you, than to explain all things by conjecture without making sure of anything. If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

- Isaac Newton

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What others are saying…

“I am eternally grateful”

I began working with Mitch and Emilia nearly three years ago. Over that time I can see the shift in my consciousness and process of thinking. I can see how this has brought more love and gratitude into my life.

Completing STP has brought home the principles and teachings learnt in ‘Relationships and You’ and ‘Letting it Go’ and has enriched my mind. I am eternally grateful for this as well as the wealth of wonderful people they’ve brought into my life.

With heartfelt thanks,

Blair Harding

“The highest learning I have had in my life”

I have found the whole MJB experience the highest learning I have had in my life. In comparison to my UWA and Tafe Education and my continued Professional Development, the MJB education is complete!

There is no other ‘life’ program encompassing ALL facets of my life that I am aware of. I recommend that everyone at least expose yourself to the experience.

George Costopoulos

“Thank you for these seven days”

Dear Mitch and Emilia, thank you for these seven days you have taken out of my life and giving them back to me enriched with the knowledge and love to allow me to have a life of gratitude and fulfilment. To be able to experience a deep understanding of why God and the universe want me to have everything that my heart desires and the realisation that I already have it in abundance.

With love and gratitude,

Patrick Abbott

“One of the most profound experiences of my life”

At 18, one of the most profound experiences of my life which will help me shape my past, present and future to come.

Mind blowing and priceless!

Paul Funtowicz

“Extraordinary and I am truly grateful”

Our stories, those beautiful stories that we believe are truly us, they wrap around us and ever so quietly enter our hearts and minds and block us from loving ourselves and living to our greatest potential. During STP, through the information, the work itself and the dedication of both Mitch and Emilia, I discovered so much more about myself. Right now I can see this amazing consciousness/universe in at work in everything, it is extraordinary and I am truly grateful.

Helen Taylor – 19 July, 2011

“Exceptional communicators”

R&Y set the bar and changed my world. LTG gave me the tools to change within. STP gave me the framework to bring it together. Mitch & Mills are exceptional communicators, enthusiastic motivators and beautiful souls changing the world one equilibration at a time.

Much love and gratitude,

Jennifer – 19 July, 2011

“Changed my life”

Student, Teacher, Prophet is exactly what I was told. The week long program was an emotional, challenging, fun, entertaining and enjoyable week, all rolled into one. The information is structured to a degree where you can’t not understand. The whole team, Mitch and Emilia are devoted to making sure you get ‘IT’ and they truly do whatever it takes. For this I am eternally grateful guys. You opened your hearts to me, opened my heart for me and in the process, changed my life.

Love you all,

Michael McConnell

“The single greatest and most inspiring thing I have ever done in my life”

The single greatest and most inspiring thing I have ever done in my life is this work. It has re-taught me that life is full of infinite possibility. Mitch and Emilia are absolute masters at teaching the process of discovering the love that is within us and around us all the time. Truly awesome!

Margareta Slotwinski