The Equilibration Process™

Imagine if you could alter your perceptions about the events of your life? Imagine instead of suffering and tragedy, that by shifting your perception around an event you found love and even gratitude for the event?

“Perception can be described as the neurophysiological processes, including memory, by which an organism becomes aware of and interprets external stimuli.”

Your present consciousness is made up of out of balance perceptions. When we equilibrate, we consciously tap into what we are resisting. We balance out both polarities and therefore destroy the illusion of pleasure without pain, depression without joy. When we equilibrate, we see that there was neither pleasure nor pain and that the whole time, there was divine order in everything. When we equilibrate there is no emotion other than love and gratitude.

What is The Equilibration Process™?

The Equilibration Process ™ transforms the emotions, beliefs and thoughts that are controlling you or even holding you back in life. It allows you to see and transform the root cause of whatever it is that is keeping you stuck or in negative repetitive cycles.

In enabling you to open your heart to your past and present experiences The Equilibration Process TM lets you see with absolute clarity your life from a balanced perspective and how to move beyond what you perceived happened to you, with both ease and grace.

What are the benefits of The Equilibration Process ™?

The Equilibration Process TM will bring you into a state of alignment – mind, body and soul – so you are clear, present, and certain. This in turn will have a dramatic effect on your health and of state of being.

Some benefits you may experience are:

Increased energy

Eliminate unwanted habits and behaviors

Improved mood

Clarity of mind

Improved sleep

A sense of calm

Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

A feeling of overall wellbeing and wholeness

What is Involved In an Equilibration Session?

Sessions with one of our licensed and qualified equilibrators are held one to one following a series of specific questions designed to enable you to see the balance and blessings around the events that have happened in your life.

Sessions generally take 40 minutes to 90 minutes and are a safe, non-invasive and powerful way to help you feel and experience more love and gratitude in your life.

How many session do I need?

That really depends on how much you want to shift and move in your life? One equilibration session is designed to get you to a point of clarity and gratitude for who or what ever you have come into the session to work on. We keep going until you get the “ah ha” moment, that is our commitment to you.

If you have a few things to work on then you will need a few sessions. Taking advantage of our amazing package allows you to work on multiple issues in a set time to really transform your life!

How much does a session cost?

A once off Equilibration session will cost you $400

Or you can take advantage of our amazing package, that is $1800 for 5 sessions plus ongoing support and tools to deepen the process.  – save $200

The series of five Equilibrations, along with the exercises contained in a special booklet designed to support you along the journey, will open your heart and mind to possibilities you would never have believed beforehand.

In each of the five equilibration sessions, you will be guided through a process of inner transformation. Completing the relevant exercises between each session will assist the integration of your newly gained insights, leading to clarity, presence and certainty.

Book a session (now available globally)

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This service now available as an in-person consult in Perth, Australia, or globally via a Skype consult!