The Movement Destined To Revolutionise The World

The Movement Destined To Revolutionise The World

Do you remember that song, the one which was really big in the 60s?

You know…

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius


…Of course you remember that song.

Everyone remembers that song.

(It’s pretty unforgettable, after all.)

But did you realise that we actually are at the dawning of the age of Aquarius?

Seriously. This isn’t hoodoo voodoo, mystic meg, whimsical waffle.

In 2012 the age of Pisces, symbolised by two fish swimming in opposing directions, came to an end. Since then, we have entered into the age of water and movement and change.

Now, the world balances on the cusp of revolution and revelation.

A revelation of truth and veracity.

And that’s the most spectacular thing of all.

Each and every one of us has been born into a time where the expansion of human consciousness is essentially exploding.

Isn’t that an amazing thought?

We are alive at a time where the rebellion for freedom is gaining momentum, where the fight to gain control of our destiny is arising.

You can see change unfurling around the world, right this second.

For instance, there’s Trump in America. The waves created from each press-covered statement, policy and tweet.

And there’s the recent UK elections. Theresa May and the Conservatives lost their majority, very nearly forfeiting to Jeremy Corbin, the Labour leader hailed to represent the voice of the many instead of the few.

But this change is not just happening within politics… it’s also occurring within the climate itself, within the very fabric of our world.

The climate is changing.

Massive shifts and movements are occurring on a global scale.

This is undeniable. It is tangible, palpable stuff.

There has even been a breakdown in the media. We no longer blindly trust the words pumped out by news outlets, or the reports rolled out on television and radio broadcasts.

We’re drawing a line.

For too long we have been hoodwinked and deluded, told that we are powerless and ineffective and unable to know any better.

But the masses are waking up. Together, as you read these words, you and I are waking up.

We are not content with ignorance and deception. So humanity is whistleblowing, Julian Assange-style, on a much larger scale than ever before.

And as each individual begins to realise this… through each individual recognising the outer control attempting to influence and shape them… we are thus beginning to look inwards and to take control on the inside.

The reason?

Because it’s only when we can no longer trust what’s going on externally that we take control internally. Click To Tweet

Our thinking is becoming less limited and more inquisitive, as we begin to question and confront our reality. Not to mention how we are waking up to the actions of big pharma and the behemoth companies, like Coca Cola and Nestlé.

We are starting to see the repercussions of unethical practices. The impact of underhand activity.

So trust me when I say that these behemoths are growing concerned. They are watching with dread as their markets increasingly drop.

Quite literally, we are no longer buying into what they’re peddling.

However, look online and the general consensus is that we need to shut these major companies down. To get rid of big pharma. Which sounds easy. Problem solved. Done and dusted, right?

Well… to put it bluntly… no.


Because we need these companies. We need major industries. We need a source of food supply, which these industries (the ones we’re so keen to storm into and shut down) are most effectively and efficiently set up to distribute.

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If we were to get rid of our source of distribution, it would be like removing bricks from the foundation of a tall tower. Bricks which support the entire structure. In this scenario, it wouldn’t be long until we all toppled.

Therefore our objective is not to rip them apart, as we would only be hurting ourselves in the process. Our objective is not to end them; we don’t have to feel obliged to want that.

No. Our true objective is to get them to listen.

We have to get them to listen to what we’re saying about food… about poverty… about wellbeing… about the distribution of wealth… about sustainability and taking care of the environment…

About improving all human and environmental situations on earth, not for monetary gain, but for the unconditional love we have for ourselves and for one another.

Great, sounds like a swell idea, you may be thinking, but how are we actually supposed to do this?


We have to be the change in their environment.

Our collective consciousness and mindset has to be what gets them to listen.

Our voice has to be so strong, so certain, so direct, that the major companies have no choice but to recognise that the world has evolved around them.

That they themselves have to take action, to keep up with the rest of the pack, with us.

After all, when facing this ultimatum an organism has to adapt to its environment, in order to survive; it will never annihilate its reason to live.

And once we understand that this is what the major companies require — that this is the message they need to receive, in this form — we will be able to make that change. We will look inwards and start to make our own internal shifts, and as a consequence our environment will also change.

The moment we become tuned in and switched on, our perceptions and most minute actions will alter, transforming our whole lives. Our fine-tuned awareness and consciousness will then create ripples that reach worldwide.

It’s time to acknowledge that we have the power to do this… to create and be in charge of a reason for the major companies and big pharma to adapt.

Because it’s like I said earlier, the age of Aquarius is unfolding around us, right now.

It is fundamental that we understand even as individuals we are not powerless or ineffective. We are not blind or hoodwinked or ignorant.

We know better. Deep down, we know that we are powerful beyond comprehension.

So if you take away only one message from today, it’s this:

Don’t take for granted the impact you can have on the world, as each person’s internal change can have a massive processional effect on their external environment.

That change that occurs inside of you? It has the potential to transform everything.

You are the movement. I am the movement. He is the movement. She is the movement.

It begins with us.

This is the age of water and together we can be the shifting tide.

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Discover the 3 SIMPLE STEPS that will finally allow you to live the life of your dreams.

(it’s not that far – you just need to do the right things, not everything)

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