The Top 7 Actions to Build Your Wealth (Now)

The Top 7 Actions to Build Your Wealth (Now)

Ever wondered why some people are wealthy and some aren’t?

Ever wondered what wealthy people have that YOU don’t?

My childhood, teen and early adult years were spent thinking that wealthy people HAD something different than I did…I mean, they were obviously smarter, much more attractive, and had better opportunities.

I eventually started realising that I was way off…! (It happens to everyone once in a while :)). It couldn’t be what these wealthy HAD. I knew some people who were super smart and had not a cent to their name, and other ‘smarties’ I knew were flourishing.

I saw that one person who was attractive was wealthy and then there was another beautiful person that wasn’t. I watched as two friends were given the same opportunity and one wasn’t able to get it off the ground where the other thrived. Even friends I knew who were born into wealth, were as poor as church mice.

I finally realised that it’s not about what these people HAD that made them wealthy, but rather what they DID. The actions that wealthy people take far outweigh any skills or qualities they have. And I don’t mean what they do with their money or the strategies they have in place to increase and build on their wealth (that’s a whole other blog post 🙂 ).

I’m talking about their day-to-day attitudes, ways of living their lives that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Then the real realisation came – if that was really the case, then I had a problem. It wasn’t my life or my circumstances or my lack of knowledge that was holding me back and keeping me from having the wealth I knew I deserved in my life…it was ME!!

What I was doing was waiting for wealth to come to me before I could be wealthy rather than realising I had to DO something to make this happen – no matter how clever or skilled I was – I still had to ACT!!!

Obviously, how people think is a deciding factor in what they do and how they act, but I’ve also found that once people ACT first, their thoughts begin to align and catch up with these actions.

So…what do wealthy people DO? They all have these following actions in common…and you can download the guide sheet to assist you to begin to make these realisations and changes for yourself also!


Action One – Live Your Life

Seems obvious really – but this stumps so many people for a few reasons.  There are two important aspects to understand about this action step.

Firstly, living your life requires you fully knowing who you are, what is important to you and fully acting in accordance with this.  Knowing who you are is about understanding your values – what is important to you? What makes your heart beat and jump out of bed each morning?

When you live according to your highest values, there’s a miracle that occurs as you watch your life fall into place.  Because you are following what naturally inspires you as opposed to what outwardly motivates you, there is a higher chance of you following through, maintaining enthusiasm and inspiration and achieving success.

So, it’s not about chasing the dream…it’s about living your life.

When you chase the dream of the perfect life or a wealthy life, you are always living in the future, hoping to live your values THEN and missing the chance to live them NOW.

This Action Step doesn’t mean don’t dream, it means don’t think that what you have now is not enough.  Enjoy it, live it, experience it now.

If you are chasing the dream you are living a nightmare that you want to escape from.  Create a life that you don’t want to vacate from.  Spend your time on what inspires you.

The other key point of this action is that wealthy people live their own lives…Live YOUR life…not the life you think you should live according to someone else’s picture of what your life should look like.  You can never truly be wealthy if you are living someone else’s life, someone else’s values.

When you just live your life and follow your inspiration, money just comes anyway.  How many famous singers or artists say that they hadn’t planned on being famous or wealthy?  They were just doing what they loved and the wealth came.

Action Two – Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

I meet many people in the path of what I do, who keep trying to come up with new and interesting ways to make money. Most of them are scrambling around trying to think of something that no one else has ever thought of and turn it into a moneymaking machine.

What this type of person fails to realise is that most people who are wealthy have arrived where they are in life, not by re-inventing the wheel completely, but by standing on the shoulders of the giants before them. By adding a little unique part of themselves to whatever was already there and becoming the best at being themselves than anyone else.

I mean…there are already heaps of singers out there – why did Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars make it. There are already heaps of chefs, why did Gordon Ramsay make it.

There are no new ideas…Steve jobs didn’t invent telephones, he improved on them! You want to start an Italian restaurant – meh; it’s been done before! So what makes one succeed over another – it’s uniqueness; building on something that is already there and making it your own.

Find the giants in your life, those who have taught you, helped to mould you and inspired you. Then find a way to bring YOU into what they do and expand on their idea to make it your own.


Action Three – Neutralise Emotions

Wealthy people have a hidden knowing to neutralise their emotions.

So many people have heightened emotions around wealth. When you throw money into any equation, watch what happens.

People feel subconsciously guilty for having it, resentful of those that do, excited to have more, disappointment at having less, frustration at not being able to achieve greater wealth, confused at how to manage it. These are but a small sample of the myriad of emotions that money evokes.

Any emotion that we have towards money, speaks to an underlying understanding of wealth that is held in our subconscious. For example, when we don’t want to tell other people how much money we spent on something we may feel guilt at having more than they do, or at spending money on ourselves, or at how they might feel if they couldn’t afford to spend the same as us, or any other range of perceptions.

We hear these perceptions all around us growing up, and more importantly we witness them in action in the lives of our loved ones. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” “Money is the root of all evil” “Money makes the world go around”. Whatever we witness and experience becomes the cause of our emotions.

Every emotion around wealth is tied up in our perceptions of ourselves in relation to another. And these emotions distract us from receiving.

Wealthy individuals on a mission (See Action 4 below) know to clear their emotions so that their minds are occupied with high priority tasks and topics. The wealthy mindset knows that these emotions (both positive and negative) are simply a hindrance to achieving greater levels of wealth to have greater levels of influence.

This doesn’t imply that the wealthy mindset is emotionless. The wealthy mindset just understands that both positive and negative, rich and poor, happy and sad are inevitable and rather than succumbing to these emotions and becoming stuck, they neutralise them and find ever greater levels of wealth inside of themselves.


Action Four – Clarity of Calling

“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained
when sought after directly.
It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.”
– Henry Ford

Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service – Henry Ford Click To Tweet

Have you ever known anyone who is truly wealthy that hasn’t made a difference in some way? When you actually look, everyone who has wealth has a calling of some sort. A reason for creating wealth that goes beyond themselves.

It’s a common subconscious misconception that most people have about themselves that they can just go about life as they have always done, not implementing anything different or shifting their mindset or actions, and money will just come or fall out of the sky as it were.

Why would it? Would you give money randomly to someone you know is just going to squander it, has no reason or purpose for it other than living day by day. You wouldn’t… So why would ‘Life’, ‘The Universe’, ‘God’ or whatever you want to call it give it to you if YOU don’t know where it’s going, if you don’t have a clear vision and purpose for what your newfound wealth will help contribute to.

Life only gives to that which it knows will evolve. It gives vitality to that which it can see has purpose and vision.

When you have a clear and certain calling, something that inspires you and that you know with certainty brings value to yourself and others, life responds in kind. You attract people, money, situations, support, inspiration and anything else that assists you in bringing the vision to reality. People will want to spend time with you and invest in you as they share your vision.

Some people like to dig many holes, hoping that each new venture will somehow be the magic tool to rocket them into wealth. However, without clarity in their vision, these ‘holes’ tend to be just that…a way for funds to just filter through and escape until the next ‘hole’ presents itself. For example if someone who loves their work as a health practitioner then invests in motorcycles, or decides to become property guru. They are digging many different holes on many different paths, with no focus, vision or clarity on one main calling.

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Alternatively, people with clear vision have ONE main calling or cause. They have different ways or means to communicate and deliver this vision but all these are branches of the one tree…for example, the health practitioner above may find ways to branch out their reach, into CD’s, books, seminars, products, a health care centre etc, but they would stick to the ONE vision of health care.

In doing this, the focus remains on one vision, helping it to prosper and grow and attract many who will yearn to play a part in the vision coming to fruition.


Action Five – Avoid Shortcuts

Avoid shortcuts – at all costs! Because it will cost you in the end!!

It’s a well-known aspect of having a poverty mentality to attempt to ‘get rich quick’. The question is… why would you want to ‘get rich quick’ unless you feel poor…?

The wealthy have an innate understanding that any scheme or attempt to cut the queue and bypass the discipline it takes to create wealth and maintain it, is a scheme for them to avoid.

There are no shortcuts. But the road to wealth is also not that long. It is a steady process and requires vision and planning. However, because those with a wealthy mindset also have a clear calling, as in Action 4 above, they will not take reckless risks with their money. As a result, they have a clear plan and vision and will not involve themselves in anything that requires a risk to the majority of their wealth. In fact, those with a wealthy mindset will never speculate unless they have invested first. And they won’t invest until they have saved. So a wealthy mindset knows they must earn the right to invest then speculate.

Many times, an individual who attempts to ‘get rick quick’ will risk a large amount of their portfolio or savings into something that they see someone who is wealthy has invested into. However, the other person has only invested a tiny portion of their portfolio, a portion that they have earned the right to risk and that they won’t have a huge emotional attachment to losing.

A wealthy mindset requires discipline and long-term vision. Short-term gratification costs you money. Long-term vision makes you money. Generally, when it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. The risks are generally far too high to warrant the ‘chance’ of a good return. Keep it simple and steady. There is no risk to saving. So that is the very best place to start.

Action Six – Build, Maintain, Disperse

The Law of Mastery of anything in life is the ability to sustain a balance of build, maintain and disperse in that area.

A quick example: to be a master of sustaining knowledge and information, an individual must have a capacity to build new levels of knowledge, maintain current levels of wisdom and disperse of information they no longer require or serves them. (Some examples of losing knowledge and wisdom would be no longer knowing the language you used to speak as a child, not remembering how to play anything but chopsticks on the piano etc.)

The trilogy of mastery relates to any area of life and most certainly so in relation to wealth and money. Many individuals have mastered the
‘Build’ phase of the cycle and know how to actively create and attract money within their lives. Others feel skilled at being able to hold onto money and know how to save. And there are more than a few that know how to disperse of money and spend it and are masters in just that area.

However, true mastery of wealth comes when one can do an equal balance of all. The truth is, that regardless of whether we intentionally want to do all we are all forced to anyway.

Those that only focus on building will find that money comes to them easily, but they are not able to maintain it and feel unclear about where it actually goes.

Those that actively maintain and attempt not to disperse will, in my experience every time, find that they are able to reach a certain level of savings or maintained wealth before something external occurs and they are forced or inclined to spend what they have previously fought so hard to maintain.

And finally those who only focus on disperse, still have to make money but almost certainly feel as if it’s never enough.

So we all build, maintain and disperse anyway. The Law of Mastery simply suggests we do so with conscious intent and those with a wealthy mindset are able to do this. The wealthy mindset are clear and certain about where, how and why they do all three and therefore THEY master their money, instead of their money (or outward influences) mastering them.

Shifting to a wealthy mindset and mastering wealth says that instead of the bills company taking away our funds, we are prepared to give to them freely as they are available. Instead of feeling guilty about our purchase of a treat for ourselves, we understand its value as a gift to ourselves. Instead of being afraid of savings, we embrace the importance of creating an emotional cushion or safety net for ourselves.

The wealthy mindset knows that information and wealth are powerful and not to be withheld or retained. If they try to hold on to them, they will be taken off them. They know to maintain a conscious ebb and flow within their finances and in doing this they master their wealth.

Action Seven – Loving/Embracing Both Sides of Wealth

Yep…there are two sides of wealth. It’s not just all roses and rainbows and Lamborghinis and Dom Perignon.

True wealth attracts both pleasure and pain and the wealthy mindset knows this and lives this.

Most people, especially those who take the shortcuts warned to avoid in Action Step 5, are looking for wealth because they perceive it will only bring them positive outcomes and results in their lives. They see the ‘good’ in money without the ‘bad’.

Wealthy mindset loves ALL of what wealth brings them, not just some of it. They are aware and embrace the ‘negative’ side of wealth especially as they are on a mission (Action Step 4) to fulfill their destiny.

Any truly wealthy person (i.e. not someone who comes into money for a short amount of time) is just as comfortable being the boss in the company as well as temping for the secretary…they are just as comfy in scruffy overalls and digging their hands in the dirt as in they are in their tailored suit and air conditioned office…they can just as easily drive the beat up ute as their brand new Ferrari. Labels and appearances do not perturb them, as they are able to step into either role at any time, knowing that they have both parts of themselves.

A poverty mentality is afraid of the perception of poverty and tries to act and seem ‘rich’. A wealthy mentality embraces the part of themselves that can be poor or have less and uses that as a stepping stone to wealth rather than hiding who they are.


You cannot get rich collecting coins of only one side. Duality exists as two parts of one whole.

Wealth embraces the whole of self instead of a sub-standard half some self. Wealth knows that both sides are inseparable and that wealth is about being clear and loving what both sides bring.

I trust that this information has helped. Please feel free to share this information through social media and leave any comments and questions below.

It is my calling and vision in life to assist any individual who would like to shift through any barriers that they perceive are holding them back any way. Along with my business partner Mitchell Behan, we are dedicated to sharing this information about wealth in particular as we know how much of a difference it can make to implement even the smallest changes to mindset and strategies relating to wealth creation.

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To your wealthy mindset and with love and gratitude,


FREE Webinar: “How to Bridge the Gap from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”

Discover the 3 SIMPLE STEPS that will finally allow you to live the life of your dreams.

(it’s not that far – you just need to do the right things, not everything)

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