What’s Your Trigger?

What’s Your Trigger?


As I was speaking to someone recently, I was explaining to them how I saw that they were behaving and realised a few things about myself and how I deal with circumstances or events that occur in my life.

I notice that when something really affects me, whether I’m angry, annoyed, disappointed,frustrated or hurt, I tend to “react” in one of two ways. I will both go silent and withdraw into myself to avoid displaying emotion or any sort of vulnerability or I will find myself getting unavoidably emotional, with tears flowing.

Growing up and through my younger adult years, I had always disliked both responses. I felt I was being childish, emotional and immature that I would either just completely shut-down or cry at the drop of a hat. What I came to realise through doing the personal development work that I do now, is that both responses were my way of knowing that something wasn’t ok with me. They were my trigger to realising that there was something for me to work on, something that I was, as yet, unclear with.

I’d always thought that is was only me, however, what I’ve recently realised is that each and every person has their own triggers to indicate to themselves that they are unclear with something, be it their own or another person’s words or actions. I was just frustrated that my lack of clarity came out in such an obvious way. Some people find themselves getting angry, defensive, sarcastic, bitchy, quiet, or deflecting through humour. The key is not to try and change this about yourself, but love the fact that you have a way of indicating to yourself that something is distorted in your perception.

It was only when I realised and loved those parts of myself, I found that I did them less often, and when they did show themselves, I knew I had something new to find the love in.


It’s about being emotionally intelligent enough to realise that you are not THAT, but that part of you is indicating where you can look in order to love yourself and others to a greater degree.

Your triggers of your distorted perceptions are your greatest friends. They assist you to learn to respond instead of reacting and show you what your soul is next destined to love.

Remember that knowing, and not doing, is not knowing.

Remember that knowing, and not doing, is not knowing. Click To Tweet

With love, light and gratitude,


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The experience of this work had such a profound and transformational effect on Emilia’s life that she is now dedicated to sharing this with others. Emilia has ten years background in the education industry in Australia. She has a fundamental passion for educating and making something that a person might perceive complicated, simple, so as to educate and communicate to the masses and awaken them to the profound teachings of how the universe works.

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