Well overdue to tell you a little about MJB Seminars

Hey welcome, Mitchell J. Behan here from MJB Seminars.

I’m going to jump right into it here and speak to the part of you that’s ready. The fact you’re here with us right now is a clear indicator you’re on the way, not in your way. AKA, you’re getting ready.

Maybe it’s time to learn some new tricks? Get back in the driver’s seat and master life again. Relationships, career, or perhaps it’s time to work through those often frustrating ‘recuring’ financial strategies. Those not working out for you.

But whatever the case, no matter where you’re at this minute, there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of. This part of you that knows ‘you’ve got way more in you than this’ is correct. And therefore I pretty sure we’re going to get on just great. And, here’s some context why.

17 years ago I founded MJB Seminars Balcatta because a good friend woke me from a deep sleep. Deep enough to have been the most tragic period in my life. It forced me to STOP. Dig deep, and work out what I truly wanted to do with my life. There’s no bigger question, and when you get the answer, oh that’s just as big!

For some, this may sound a little far fetched or ‘new-agie’. But igniting your true purpose in life is like falling in love for the very first time. It became clear to me I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t enable others to have the same experience. The coincidence here was, the more clear I got, the more financially independent I became.

This led me to share what I’d learned and begun coaching on money matters. This evolved into a seminar known now as Master Mind & Money. It’s the seminars I’m most proud of because It’s so much more than a seminar; it’s a financial framework with solid and proven principles. And knowing and applying them re-govern how you manage your emotions around money. Consequently, you experience how your wealth is directly linked to your self and net-worth.

When you wake up that bigger part of you, you get to know yourself at a new level. This new level is just an awareness of dormant values. And, when you know your values, you can set financial goals that are congruent with them. Once you know it, it’s easy. We should be taught better. And these awakened values make up a new level of intelligence that will serve you for life. Once you got it, you can’t un-know it.

But timing is everything. Do your due diligence. Check out all the possibilities, and run with your intuition. But if you’re curious, I welcome you to a personal ‘one on one’ with me or one of my team. No charge, just a good chat and we’ll see if this is, in fact, the time for you.

If you’re ready now, then come along. Together we’ll witness that part of you build some serious self and net-worth.

All the best.

Mitch J Behan

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