Imagine if in a single moment you could cut through the noise in your mind and discover the truth… if you could hear the whispering of your heart and understand the hidden order in your life… would you?

Because with Relationships and You, that is exactly what’s on offer. Through playing games and engaging in personal reflection, you’ll realise what it means to finally experience that awakening, to find freedom through transforming your perceptions and breaking the cycle of yourself.

No matter what’s occurred in your past, we won’t stop until you reach your moment. Because we know that this is your shot at discovering the unconditional love and truth that’s awaited you this entire time.

And all it takes is one seminar to get there.


Through Experience and Games we hear the Whispering which leads to our Awakening

This is an opportunity to experience the Equilibration Process®, where you’ll discover what it means to shed the weight of your history, to cut through the noise and find the mental & emotional space to acknowledge the truth of who you are.


Through dynamic experience, we take you through the process that lifts, lightens and revitalises you from the inside out.


We use games to discover the truth of your innermost drives & desires, revealing a unique understanding of who you are.


By listening to the whispering of your heart, you’ll quieten the noise of your mind to find stillness and clarity.


We guide you to an awakening that reveals the order underlying your experiences & unshackles you from your history.


Alumni Tribe

This is what it’s all about… awesome people from all kinds of backgrounds, with all kinds of experiences under their belts… coming together and connecting, supporting one another in striding towards that transformation.

And although this tribe selfie was taken just before we wrapped up the seminar, we actually see this as the beginning of a real journey together. It’s really the first step towards something fantastic.

Hands-on lessons and labs

We lay down the foundations of connectedness, so you can open your mind to the potential of change, whilst knuckling down and diving into the information which is going to take you to that transformation. You’ll also receive a workbook, so you have all the golden nuggets of knowledge and science behind the process right in your pocket.

We also have activities to suit everyone’s learning style: we have stories, independent exercises, writing tasks and a space for any personal Q&As that pop up along the way.

Mentorship by default

Ask any of our graduates, and they’ll tell you that one of the best things about Relationships & You is the people who join you on this journey. No judgement. No expectations. You’ll become a part of a community that offers only support & acceptance. Even better, you and your new pals will also be invited to our private FB group, so it’ll always be easy to reach out and reconnect.



You don’t have to be a personal development pro to begin this journey. In fact, a large number of our graduates had never attended this kind of seminar before coming to Relationships and You. But if you’re tired of living out the same old story, have reached the point where something’s gotta give, and recognise that this seminar might be what finally unlocks that shift – then we’re ready to help you take your life to a whole new level.  


Many students arrive at Relationships and You with stories of the past workshops, retreats or seminars they’ve attended. Once you’re on your path to personal development, it’s pretty normal to want to explore even more interesting and fun ways to understand yourself. For these grads, they’re already ON their way and embracing the stuff that they used to think was IN their way.


These graduates have done a heap of work on themselves. An easy way to determine this is to look at their personal development library; much like them, it’s growing exponentially. They are now ready to embrace why they’re here and what they want to do in life. They’ve leveraged the methods and teachings in Relationships and You to multiply their efforts, so they’re no longer spinning their wheels. They’re trailblazers and loving every second of it.  




The moment you reach in this seminar saved my life. It’s an awesome experience. You ready?


As I helped evolve this seminar to what it is today, it holds a really special place in my heart. Can’t wait to see you there.


The moment you reach in this seminar saved my life. It’s an awesome experience. You ready?


As I helped evolve this seminar to what it is today, it holds a really special place in my heart. Can’t wait to see you there.


Knowledge and insight into what it all means

Understand the meaning and order behind your life experiences, discovering the purpose within it all.

How do we do this? Through a little something we like to call the Equilibration Process. It’s our trademarked process where we take you to that single, specific moment in which the weight of your story falls away and you’re no longer burdened by the perceived heaviness of history. In this moment all becomes clear, the purpose and reason to each experience, awakening you to the truth of all the WHYs of what occurred. There's even a documentary film about the moment you reach as a result of this process in post production!

A stronger relationship with yourself

Identify what kind of relationship you have with yourself and what your core strengths are, so you’re clear with what qualities you bring to the table.

How do we do this? Through self-driven exercises you’ll reflect on what unique skills and strengths you have, what beliefs are a part of who are you are, and how you see yourself within the world.

A deep comprehension of yourself in the world

Explore what kind of relationships you have with friends and family, and with the wider world - in order to see how you interact in all areas of your life.

How do we do this? Through games and self-reflective exercises, as well as activities in which you’ll come together as a group, you’ll dig deep and really start to unpack what constitutes you. You’ll discover what’s important to you - even through something as simple as talking to other people.

An understanding of how to be vulnerable

Learn how to break down the barriers, which block you from opening yourself up to new opportunities, deeper connections & closer relationships.

How do we do this? Through another game we won’t reveal too much about here, as it’s something you really have to experience rather than read about... But needless to say, this game will test your perceptions in a way they’ve never been tested before.

A next level education in the science behind your inner transformation

Discover the science that underpins the process which helps shift your perceptions, and access an expert cutting edge level of knowledge.

How do we do this? By educating you in the science of perturbation and the intricacies of a human’s feedback system, through factual discussion and engaged storytelling, so you can dip your toes in this wealth of knowledge and see how warm the water truly is.



Choose The Relationships And You Plan That Works Best For You


Perth 2024

Date: 19th – 21st Feb 2024

Location: MJB Seminars Head Office
Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road,
Balcatta, WA



Melbourne 2024

Date: 25th – 27th March 2024

Location: TBA



Perth 2024

Date: 12th – 14th of August 2024

Location: MJB Seminars Head Office – Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road, Balcatta, WA



Melbourne 2024

Date: 11th – 13th November 2024

Location: TBA



Need Help Or Have Questions?

We’re around to answer any questions or to help you select the perfect seminar experience for you


Why is this seminar relevant today?

Now more than ever our minds are full of white noise, whirring thoughts that keep us trapped, only able to consider events from a narrowed viewpoint. But Relationships and You is the opportunity to broaden and balance that perspective, to cut through the bull, to quieten the inner buzzing to get to the truth of your experiences, to unlock a deeper sense of gratitude and love for yourself and those around you.

Lofty claims? Well, you’ll just have to come down and experience R&Y to see if we’re on point or not 😉

What can I expect to achieve at the end of this seminar?

To put it in a very simplified way, you’ll have a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of yourself and your relationships, what your position in the world actually is, and what previously unknown possibilities are now open to you. Plus you’ll gain an understanding of the science behind how your perceptions have actually formed. And most of all, you’ll experience a moment of absolute love and gratitude that sets you free forever.

Who will I be hanging out with at this seminar?

In a nutshell, you’ll be hanging out with some truly special people. Lifelong friendships are built in this seminar, which is unsurprising as the experience you commit to in R&Y is unlike any you’ll have ever shared with another person. The bond you’ll make with your fellow students is priceless.

What changes can I anticipate after completing this course?

Some R&Y graduates leave the seminar physically transformed, in ways they’d never have anticipated: to some colours are more vibrant, sounds and smells are more intense, or they’ll hear things in a completely different way. But the shift isn’t simply limited to one level of being, as it reverberates throughout all areas of your life. And although this intensity may settle and mellow after a certain period of time, your inner transformation is irreversible… yet you’ll just have to go through the experience yourself, to truly grasp what we’re talking about here.

But I’ve been to a bazillion seminars in the past, so what makes this any different?

R&Y is unlike any other seminar you’ll have ever attended. You can ask any of our MJB alumni and they’ll tell you that this is a one of a kind experience, which 100% delivers on any and all promises. We support you the entire way to get where you need to be, and we won’t stop until you reach your moment and experience that awakening. You can even check out our FB page for reviews of R&Y, and take a peek at some first hand accounts.